The embedded micro power reader all-in-one machine supports iso15693, iso18000-3m3 and iso14443a / b protocol standards at the same time. Multi protocol products support all protocol anti-collision processing algorithms, that is, multiple electronic tags of each protocol can be read at the same time.

Widely used in: desktop card, access control, electronic bills, library, finance and other fields.

  • Working frequency: 13.56MHz.
  • Supporting protocols: ISO 15693, ISO 18000-3m3 and ISO 14443A.
  • Support ISO 14443A protocol to read multiple cards at the same time.
  • Support multi card simultaneous reading of ISO 15693 protocol.
  • Support ISO 18000-3m3 protocol to read multiple cards at the same time (support zero distance overlapping reading of labels).
  • Recognition distance: about 0 ~ 16cm.
  • Communication interface: USB; Power supply: USB 5V.
When it comes to performance, the FX9600 delivers the best. The exceptionally high RF sensitivity delivers the greatest accuracy and longer read ranges, even in dense RF environments with challenging materials. And with the most power in its class, you can support the highest throughput, as well as all of your sophisticated software applications.
Host embedded applications directly on the FX9600, reducing deployment time, cost and complexity. With support for PoE and PoE+, there’s no need to run power drops to each reader — and with PoE+ or a 24V power supply, even long cable runs won’t reduce available RF power.
Designed for tough environments, the rugged FX9600 can handle it all — damp dusty work areas, extreme heat and subzero temperatures. And with the eight-port model, you can cover more dock doors and portals with fewer readers, significantly lowering your investment, deployment and management costs.
  • Transportation
  • Warehouse Management
  • Retail
Major Specifications
  • Dimensions: 260mm×134mm×44mm.
  • Weight: Approx. 1.35 kg.
  • Housing Material: Alloy.
  • Max Receive Sensitivity: -86 dBm monostatic.
  • Air Protocols: ISO 15693, ISO 18000-3m3 and ISO 14443A.
  • Frequency (UHF Band): Global Reader: 902 MHz - 928 MHz (Also supports countries that use a part of this band), 865 MHZ - 868 MHz US (only) Reader: 902 - 928 MHz.
  • Network Services: DHCP, HTTPS, FTPS, SFPT, SSH, HTTP, FTP, SNMP and NTP.
  • Network Stack: IPv4 and IPv6
  • Security: Transport Layer Security Ver 1.2, FIPS-140.
  • API Support:Host Applications — .NET, C and Java EMDK/Embedded Applications — C and Java SDK.
  • Processor: Texas Instruments AM3505 (600 MHz).
  • Memory: Flash 512 MB; DRAM 256 MB.
  • Operating System: Linux.
  • Management Protocols: RM 1.0.1 (with XML over HTTP/HTTPS and SNMP binding); RDMP.
  • RF interface: 24 reverse polarity TNC antenna interfaces.
  • Communications: 10/100 BaseT Ethernet (RJ45); USB Host & Client (Type A & B); Serial (DB9).
  • General Purpose I/O: 4-way optocoupler input and 4-way relay output.
  • Power Supply: POE (802.3af)/POE+ (802.3at) +24V DC((UL Approved)).
  • Antenna Ports: FX9600-4: 4 monostatic ports; (Reverse Polarity TNC)/FX9600-8: 8 monostatic ports; (Reverse Polarity TNC).
  • Operating Temp.: -4° to +131° F/-20° to +55° C.
  • Storage Temp.: -40° to +158° F/-40° to +70° C.
  • Humidity: 5-95% non-condensing.
  • Sealing: IP55.