Product Introduction

In some RFID applications, in addition to batch reading, it also calls for the function of item identification and positioning. Quickly locate the location of the label, greatly improve the efficiency of searching and management level. UHF tags are equipped with luminous LED, which can be used for composite production of various sizes of labels to assist the RFID Application of article positioning. Through RFID reader / handset, the RFID tag with specific ID can be read and located, and the LED can be activated remotely to realize quick query and positioning of target items.

Advantages And Functions

  • LED lighting: the label of the specified TID lights up.
  • Excellent performance: efficient multi tag anti-collision algorithm to achieve efficient group reading and fast lighting.
  • LED lighting distance: up to 3m.
  • Shipping form: wet inlay, label (coil).
  • Printable: flat surface, support label printer.
  • Passive label, battery life is normal for 3 years (related to frequent operation and reading of labels).
  • Ultra low power read and write.
Non-contact wafer
  • High frequency chip(13.56MHz): Ntag213、Ntag215、Ntag216、FM11RF08、Mifare1 S50、Mifare1 S70、Mifare Ultralight、I-CODE2、TI2048 And ST25.
  • Ultra-high Frequency Chip (860MHz-960MHz): UCODE GEN2, ALIEN H3 and IMPINJ M3 and so on.
Major Specifications
  • Optional Materials: 80g coated paper, 160g coated paper, 250g coated paper, PVC, pet, thermal paper, PP synthetic paper, DuPont paper, Teslin, etc. (namely coated paper + inlay + substrate free double-sided adhesive + release paper (or coated paper)).
  • Size: 250 * 25MM or specified by customer.
  • Chip: TK4100/EM4102/EM4200/T5577/FM11RF08/Mifare1/S50/Mifare1/S70/Mifare Ultralight/I-CODE2/TI2048/ST25(chips specified according to requirements).
  • Communication Protocol: ISO-15693/ISO-14443A.
  • Carrier Frequency: 13.56 MHZ /125KHZ.
  • Operating Temperature: - 25 ℃ ~ + 55 ℃ (industrial grade) (depending on material).
  • Storage Temperature: - 30/+80℃(depending on material).
  • User Space: 1Kbite/1Kbyte.
  • Working distance: 2-15CM(depending on working environment and reader model).
  • Color: Black / red / Blue / gray / orange / white, etc.
  • Weight: 5g ± 0.5g(depending on material).