Product Introduction

RFID Keychain card is made of ABS plastic shell to package chip and coil, and then filled with epoxy resin. Through ultrasonic welding combination, various shapes are formed. The chip of Keychain card can be low-frequency 125kHz and high-frequency 13.56MHz, which is widely used in access control, identification, logistics, product identification, member management, points and consumption system.

Advantages And Functions

  • Small and exquisite appearance, durable, not easy to fade.
  • The product is waterproof, anti vibration and anti-corrosion.
  • A variety of colors and shapes are available.
  • Low frequency or high frequency chips can be packaged on demand, or the two chips can be combined.

Common processing projects

  • Encoding – serial number or personalized encoding

Non-contact wafer
  • Low Frequency Chip (125KHz): TK4100, EM4102, EM4200 and T5577 and so on.
  • High Frequency Chip (13.56MHz): FM11RF08, Mifare1 S50, Mifare1 S70, Mifare Ultralight, I-CODE2, TI2048, and ST25 and so on.
  • Ultra-high Frequency Chip (860MHz-960MHz): UCODE GEN2, ALIEN H3 and IMPINJ M3 and so on.
Major Specifications
  • Chip: TK4100/EM4102/EM4200/T5577/FM11RF08/Mifare1/S50/Mifare1/S70/Mifare Ultralight/I-CODE2/TI2048/ST25(chips specified according to requirements).
  • Communication Protocol: ISO-15693/ISO-14443A.
  • Carrier Frequency: 13.56 MHZ /125KHZ.
  • Operating Temperature: - 20 ℃ ~ + 65 ℃ (industrial grade) .
  • Storage Temperature: - 30/+80℃.
  • User Space: 1Kbite/1Kbyte.
  • Working distance: 2-15CM.
  • Color: Black / red / Blue / gray / orange / white, etc.
  • Packaging materials: ABS plastic.
  • Package size: 51X32MM; aperture Φ 13.5X5.0MM.
  • Weight: 5g ± 0.5g.
  • Packing method: 1000pcs / box.